Dialysis supply boxes – Cabin living

Dialysis supply boxes – Cabin living

Our dream wasn’t always to live in a log cabin, the dream started forming after my Hubby was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (PKD), a hereditary life threatening medical condition that can lead to kidney failure.  He was just 30 years old at the time and at stage 3 kidney failure.  In June 2012, at the age of 34, he started peritoneal dialysis when he reached stage 5 kidney failure.  After a year on peritoneal, he suffered life threatening complications that lead to 6 surgeries in 6 weeks, lengthy hospital and ICU stays and starting in-center hemo dialysis.  In-center didn’t work for him, he was miserable, so we started training for home hemo dialysis and that is what he has been doing ever since.  For most of his 4 years on home hemo dialysis, he used a purflow machine, which made the 40 liters of dialysate he uses for each treatment (he does 6 treatments a week), but several months ago, the plumbing line to the purflow sprung a leak and they switched him to pre-mixed dialysate bags.  He needs 4 boxes, which is 8 bags, at 5 liters each, to do his daily treatments.  It’s a LOT of boxes.  Those boxes take up a great deal of space and when we move into the cabin, they take up most of the living room.  We don’t mind small and simply; it was our goal with the cabin living, but this many boxes will make living pretty hard.  Our cabin is only 2 bedrooms, we are creating 3 by turning the eat-in kitchen area into a bedroom, so that means our kitchen table needs to go in the living room, along with all the other stuff that goes with a living room.  Most days we don’t think about it or focus on it, but every now and then it causes us stress and tears.  I was really hoping we could foster parent again once we were in the cabin, but seeing how little space we have, we won’t pass the home study, which breaks my heart.

Here is a little tour of our cabin, with lots of work still to be done before we can get our occupancy certificate and move in.

Cabin tour video on You Tube

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