Plants, demo, and a tetanus shot

Plants, demo, and a tetanus shot

It wouldn’t be a holiday weekend without a tetanus shot…. hum, that doesn’t seem right…. oh well, I need a tetanus shot and it’s a holiday, so can’t get one until tomorrow.  At the moment I can’t remember all we have done since the last update, so I’ll just share what I can remember…. today.  Today we went over bright and early and started working on the kitchen and the final section of the living room demo and the closet in the bedroom.  Hubby was with me today… yay!  He is feeling really sick and struggling, so he probably pushed himself too hard, but it was so nice having him there with me.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, kitchen cabinets were NEVER meant to be taken out, ever.  We originally weren’t going to take out the kitchen, because kitchens aren’t cheap and we are out of money :/  But finding the damage and bugs and mold I found, I’m really glad it’s gone!  Almost done demoing that room.  Hubby removed the surround around the living room window and pulled out the remaining section of wall and insulation that was around the window.  Then he finished removing the bedroom closet for me.  It was a long day!

We always have a fire going in the burn barrel to burn what we can… wood, paper, and cardboard boxes mostly.  Today, as I went to put a piece of wood in, I hit myself pretty hard in the leg, creating a puncture with a rusty nail.  Oops.  Didn’t know the nail was there, but after the injury, I looked at the wood and of course, the nail is rusty, very rusty, so I have “won” myself a trip to Walgreens for a tetanus shot.

We also, at some point this weekend, got another load of mushroom soil and got some herbs and plants set up in boxes.  We are going an unconventional way for now, but it works.  We are using rubbermaid boxes with holes drilled in the bottom.  I’m spray painting the outside and then at some point Teenager and I will hand paint them.  So they should be pretty nice when we are done.

Start to the kitchen today

I found black mold, bugs, and a mess behind the walls :/


That view <3

Lots of nests

This ONE corner was built the way I think the entire home should have been.  The wood keeps the bugs out from the cracks in the top and bottom of the exterior!  Why isn’t there sheets of wood around the entire house??????

Just need to vacuum out between the studs and replace the rotten studs

Started to remove the pantry

Start of the bedroom closet

Hubby got the framing down

Hubby got the insulation exposed, so we will continue working on that next time

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