Some days just don’t go as planned

Some days just don’t go as planned

Several emotional and actual issues cropped up today, so we didn’t get as much done at the cabin as we had planned.  Hubby was able to disconnect the plumbing for the bathroom sink and the kitchen sink, so that allowed me to continue taking apart those spaces.

My wonderful Hubby disconnecting the plumbing!

I continued taking apart the kitchen.  The tools I’ve been using, I didn’t even plan this picture, it just worked out!  I try to unscrew everything first, then pry it, and then when nothing else works, I take a hammer to it!  And yes, I do try to wear protective eye gear!

The appliances are old, possibly the original ones from 1983, but it isn’t in the budget to get new ones, so they will have to stay for now.

There is a lot of water damage from where the vent connects to the outside.

These cabinets are screwed, glued, nailed and “whatever this is” together!  They REALLY don’t want you taking apart kitchens!

Our water levels are finally low enough that the land isn’t covered in water!  This is our spring house, with an over flow pipe coming out.  There should be a grate covering this area, but it fell in and needs to be repaired.  How cool is it that we have our own mountain spring water!



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