Challenges, demo, and a full trailer

Challenges, demo, and a full trailer

Yesterday didn’t go as planned, not even close.  But life goes on, so we won’t dwell on that.

Today, we continued working on demoing.  We made pretty good progress!  The kitchen walls are all gone, the bathroom saw some demoing, and the nook that will one day be a bedroom is empty so we can finish demoing those walls.  The bathroom, like the kitchen, wasn’t suppose to be completely demoed, but sadly, like the kitchen, we found mold and now the entire room will be demoed.  By the time we are done demoing the cabin, it will just be a shell, an expensive shell 🙂

The trailer is no full and ready for another run to the dump.  I was really hoping to get the ceiling and carpet out before needing to go to the dump again, oh well.

Pantry and remaining kitchen cabinet above fridge

Teenager snapped a picture of me working today.  (You can see off to the right the mess that had to be cleaned out of the nook today.  I sat for a while and took all the hardware off all the cabinet doors and drawers!)

Cabinet and wall gone where fridge goes.  Demoed the pantry (it will be rebuilt!)  Hubby found wasp nests behind that insulation.

Got everything out of the nook, so we can finish demoing that area.  (Don’t ya just love the sled that my step mother gave us?!?!?!?!)  And thank you to, two awesome young men who helped carry all those heavy rubbermaid boxes out for me!!!!

Where we started today on the bathroom

After demoing


Ew, mold!

Full trailer

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