Cleaning up, removing the fireplace, and ripping out ceilings

Cleaning up, removing the fireplace, and ripping out ceilings

Friday was “spend spend spend” day :/  I wasn’t doing well on Friday, so Hubby, even though he wasn’t doing well either (horrible tooth problem, needs surgery) ran errands.  He spent some time in the morning on the phone, finishing up the roof order and trying desperately to find a dentist.  He left to make the almost hour trip to the home improvement store about mid-morning.  He picked out windows and ordered those.  Picked up some other supplies we needed there and headed towards home.  He stopped by a pharmacy to get something for his tooth and ended up at an emergency dental office where they gave him antibiotics and pain medicine scripts and said he needed an oral surgeon :/  He is still really suffering and we are still hunting for an oral surgeon :/  He then went to a box store to get some more things on the list and pick up his meds which took 40 mins to fill.  Then he continued towards home and stopped at a different, smaller home improvement store for two things he forgot at the other store.  Four credit cards later, in a lot of pain, he stumbled and I do literally mean stumbled into the house.  It really was way too much for him for one day.  I got him hooked up to dialysis and he rested.

Saturday we worked at the cabin.  Both still recovering from the day before, we moved slowly.  I worked on cleaning up the mess outside (remember ALL those boxes!).  I burned boxes and got all the trash (mostly insulation) into the trailer.  Hubby worked inside uninstalling the fireplace so he could look at what would need to be done before putting the new roof on.  I wanted this mobile home, in particular, because it had a fireplace.  It was really heartbreaking to remove it, but in the end it is a good decision.  The floor is rotting away and the leaking from the roof is crazy!

Sunday we went to church and spent the day recovering.  Hubby really struggles with the heat.

Today we got up early and headed out before it warmed up too much and emptied the trailer at the dump.  We headed back to the cabin and I worked inside removing the remaining walls and insulation while Hubby worked outside.  Sadly, the weather today really effected Hubby (it was record heat and humidity today! 90 degrees I think is what Hubby said)and he started to feel really weak and sick.  I got him in his hammock with water and he rested there while I kept working.  I was able to get most of the ceiling down in Little Man’s (aka toddler) room and the living room.  We are hoping to save as much of the ceiling insulation as possible.

Clean up from Saturday

Hubby moving the fireplace (it is surprisingly light).  Floor underneath fireplace and chimney outside.

Oops!  Hubby cracked a window.  Good thing these aren’t the new ones!

Another dump run (this was the cheapest so far and we are thankful for that!  It’s by weight and most of this load was insulation)

Where I started working today.  I always forget to get a picture before I start filling the trailer!

The Teenager discovered toadpoles today!  That’s a LOT of future Toads swimming in there!

Bathroom has been demoed


We can now see from one end of the house, completely to the other.  It looks awful and I’m praying we can get it all put back together!

Working on Little Man’s ceiling

Hubby resting in his Hammock, while Teenager swings Little Man in hers

Living room ceiling

Tomorrow is my birthday, so we are planning just to have a nice day with the kids, without demoing!

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