Delivery, Chimney removal, and Dump run

Delivery, Chimney removal, and Dump run

Tuesday was my 40th birthday, so we spent the day together as a family.  We drove through a local state forest and got to see the state tree, animal, flower, and bird!  Even though we didn’t do any actual work on the cabin, we got an important delivery…the spray foam insulation.  So far the experience hasn’t been a good one with the company :/

Wednesday we worked in the morning on removing the chimney, patching the roof, burning more boxes (they are officially all gone from the land!), and cleaning up the ceiling from Little Man’s room.  We stayed home in the afternoon, we were both pretty exhausted.

Today we went to the dump to clean out the trailer because we need it tomorrow for the roof delivery!  I’m not sure if I’m sick or just worn out, but after just emptying to the trailer I spent the rest of the morning and much of the afternoon in bed.  Hubby came and took a nap with me.  I’m still feeling very weak and tired, hoping this passes soon because I’m never getting the cabin done at this rate.

Tomorrow the roof is being delivered!  It’s coming on a semi-truck and it can’t fit down the driveway, so our plan is to have them put it in the trailer at the top of the driveway and then we drive it down from there.  If we have to put it in the trailer or carry it down, this may not end well.  Each roof piece weighs well over 200 pounds.

Hubby worked on removing and patching the chimney hole.

Hello there!  I worked on keeping the burn barrel fed, passing tools and supplies to Hubby, cleaning up Little Man’s room, and getting the foam insulation from the truck to the cabin.

The roof had a pretty bad rust spot that went completely through to the insulation under the chimney.  This was a huge source of the water issues inside.

Got all the ceiling out of Little Man’s room, need to pull up the carpet next.

Hubby’s patch job!  The new roofing will go over this, so no one will know it doesn’t match 🙂

No more chimney!

This morning’s dump run after we threw some thing from the yard in (the guard rail from around the stream that had to be removed to get the house down our driveway)




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