Slower updates

Slower updates

Sorry about the less frequent updates.  I’m exhausted and sitting at the computer for an hour or two to resize and upload pictures takes a lot out of me.  Lately, I have been especially tired and in a great deal of pain, I’ll survive, but it’s making everything tougher.  I will do my best to keep the blog updated!

Since my last update we have gone to the dump to unload the trailer, continued gutting the cabin, decided on a roofing option, and turned the power on inside!  There are a lot of things we do that I don’t take pictures of, like Hubby putting wire nuts on all the wires floating around before he officially turned out power on for the first time!

The full trailer and the place much too beautiful to be a dump, but sadly it is.

And this ladies and gentlemen is why particle board should never ever be used as flooring in mobile homes.  Mobile homes tend to leak easily around windows and vents.  This is damage that was there when we purchased the home and we knew we would have to fix.  Did you know when particle board gets wet and dries, it turns into sawdust?  Hubby knew and showed me (video coming soon!)  We didn’t know the full extent until I decided to pull up the carpet and check it out.  Hubby examined the area to see what supplies he is going to need to fix all the rotting.  We are replacing all the particle board with plywood.

I am so very proud of Hubby.  He didn’t want to go up on the roof, at all, ever.  Today he went up there to measure the vents for our new roof.  Go Hubby!  The toddler was very upset that he couldn’t be up on the roof too!

Where I started today, in the kitchen nook that will be our bedroom.  I always forget to take a picture of the trailer empty, so this is just after I started working on demoing today.

Walls down, then time to take out the insulation.  Then time to pull up the carpet.


Just like I’m convinced that cabinets were never, ever meant to be taken out, I think tack strips are put in to stay forever!

Got all the tack strips out, it was war and I won!  Then pulled up the padding and flooring that was underneath.

I started working again on the bathroom, but quickly the pain was too much, so when Hubby arrived in the afternoon, he pulled the tub out for me.  We originally were going to leave the tub, but sadly the mold damage on the surrounding walls made it necessary.  I was hoping to save the tub, but sadly it cracked when Hubby took it out.


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