It’s been a month!

It’s been a month!

This update is LONG overdue, sorry.  We have been working so hard the last month and dealing with highs and lows and struggles and challenges and triumphs and oral surgery for Hubby and blogging just wasn’t on the top of my list.  Our major accomplishments are the new roof and the new windows!

The roof arrived short, by 13 feet! and they overcharged us AND the delivery person said he couldn’t deliver it because of where we lived, but reluctantly came and then WE had to get it all out of the truck.  Did I mention that each piece weighed over 200 pounds and that I was having a horrible pain day and Hubby was struggling and the driver wouldn’t help at all!  I didn’t want to blog at the time because my emotions were raw and I didn’t want to say something I would regret about the companies we dealt with, so I won’t mention names, but personally we won’t order anything from them again.  (I think my emotions spilled out anyway, it’s just been a very hard journey!)

The experience does have positives!  Some very wonderful family and friends came out to help get the roof up, it was amazing!  We are truly blessed!  And we are happy with the end result, considering not a single person on the roof had any roofing experience 🙂

The windows have taken a few weeks and we still have two more to go, but slowly we are getting there.  We are super blessed to have a friend helping us.  We are almost done the demoing part.  We just have to knock out and replace a few more rotting studs, finish tearing down the ceiling, and rip up the subfloor and then it should all be rebuilding.  It has taken us months longer than we ever thought it would.  Hubby struggles a lot, so our friend and I pick up as much of the work as we can, while Hubby supervises.  It’s really hard on him, he doesn’t like to seem weak.  We don’t see him that way, we know he is giving it his all and his body just doesn’t want to cooperate, but I think it’s hard on men, especially when they can’t do the providing and taking care of their family the way they want to.

Here are a few snap shoots of the last month!

Insulation for the roof

Working on the roof

That gap is from the missing roofing

Roof in progress

It’s done!

Close up of the window before

All but 2 windows are in!

Working on staining and sealing the window trim.  I only did one window worth, we will have to save up and do the rest as time and money allows.

Propane tank delivered!  Those are the backs of my Teenager’s and Preschooler’s heads.

There is a lot of “behind the scenes” work that really doesn’t show until a lot of it has been done.  I’ve been cleaning and vacuuming.  I took apart the fireplace screw by screw, which took hours, but it was too heavy for me to get out any other way.  I finished removing the last of the carpet today!  Hubby and the kids stayed home because he wasn’t feeling well at all.


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