End of 2017

End of 2017

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted an update.  I think it got to be too much to do it all and keep a blog going.  It’s now almost the end of 2017, so it’s a good time for an update.  The cabin isn’t done, but we are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!  As of yesterday, the subfloor is finally all replaced!  It took months and months, and Hubby fell through the floor twice, but it’s done!  I’m over the moon excited!

What we accomplished this year….

  • Put in piers for our cabin
  • Got the cabin moved over 30 miles to it’s final home
  • Completely gutted the cabin, down to the studs
  • Replaced damaged studs
  • Put on a new roof
  • Put in all new windows, 13 total I believe
  • Put in spray foam insulation
  • Had an electric pole installed and got electric to the cabin
  • Replaced the back door (front door will happen in 2018)
  • Did more than a dozen dump runs with all the demo materials
  • Got the water and septic all hooked up
  • Completely redid the entire bathroom
  • Replaced all the floor insulation
  • Put in all new subfloor
  • Repaired the underbelly
  • Put on new skirting
  • Had a new furnace installed
  • 2018 WILL be the year the cabin is done and we finally get to move in and I can’t wait!


    My favorite picture of our waterfall

    Picture after skirting was done, I cleaned up the outside, we did another dump run, and I created that cinder block design around our septic tank access so no one runs over it.

    Just a different angle

    This was after I cleaned up a lot of construction mess and got it all loaded in the trailer

    Little guy always wants to help!  Above he is helping carrying the pieces of skirting, below he is helping install it.  He loses interest quickly, but is always eager to help!


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