Japanese Barberry…. oh how I dislike thee

Japanese Barberry…. oh how I dislike thee

When we first purchased our little piece of heaven on earth in 2016, we regularly came to just explore and see what was growing here. I have always loved plants, so it was exciting to see the treasures that were here. One plant caught my attention, at first I thought it was great. It was a beautiful green color and had these bright red berries and it was everywhere! Later I was to discover, much to my dismay, that it is an invasive non-native plant that harbors ticks and endangers natural native vegetation. Japanese Barberry is it’s name and sadly, dispute warnings of the dangers of this invasive shrub, it is still sold in nurseries and used by landscaping companies. It is already banned in a few states, but backlash from nurseries has slowed effects to ban it in others.

This is the main plant we have been working to eradicate from our yard. It has spines (thorns) and very strong roots (we broke 2 fiberglass shovels in 2 days), so it’s a struggle and considering how much we have, it will take years to really get the problem under control. But for now, we are doing what we can and the forest is looking great!

Where she is hoping to put in a small pond to collect the natural flowing water that currently causes problems near the cabin.

The path the water comes down.  The amount changes with the seasons and rain, but there always seems to be at least a trickle.

The massive pile of mostly barberry that we removed yesterday.  Today I moved it from this spot to a spot where we will safely burn it.

After the pile was gone.  There is a new pile forming 🙂


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  1. Thanks 🙂 Yep that’s the deck, it ended up bigger than was planned, but we didn’t want to waste any wood!

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