The battle continues

The battle continues

More Japanese Barberry is gone and the Nightshade has been safely removed! We started working on the root systems which run so very deep. I found the source of one of our water issues and decided I’m going to create a small stream lined with rocks to redirect it away from the cabin. I placed the birdbath where it will remain. Today was beautiful with a breeze and the sun shining through the leaves of the woods. These pictures are from several different days.

That is a root that ran underground (Loki thinks it’s a chew toy)

They have a supervisor!

She is cleaning out all the downed trees and branches

He loves having bare feet and looking for worms 🙂

Grasshopper put my little gargoyle in with my spider plant 🙂

I think the birdbath looks great in the spot Ladybug picked!  Boy was it heavy to move!

I love wind chimes.

Favorite reading spot!

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