About Us

About Us

We are a Hubby and Wife that has been married since 1998 (we were both born in 1977). We have two daughters, born in 1995 and 2000. We are extremely blessed with our miracles. We have dealt with infertility our entire married lives (our younger daughter took many cycles of fertility drugs to conceive). Our dream was to have a large family, but after 9 years of fertility drugs, herbs, oils, and everything we can think of, God has given His answer, but our hearts are always open for more (we were foster parents and started working with an adoption agency, but both stopped working with us once Hubby was diagnosed with a life threatening illness). We are also very very blessed with a handsome grandson, who was born in 2014 to our older daughter.

In 2009, after feeling sick for quite a while, Hubby saw a doctor in September and within 3 days was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease. At that point he was at stage 3 kidney failure. We took him to many specialist and to Johns Hopkins and we were told it would be years before he hit stage 5. Estimates were given that he wouldn’t need dialysis until his 50s or 60s. Sadly, the doctors were wrong. In the beginning of June 2012, Hubby started peritoneal dialysis, he was 34 years old.

After a year on peritoneal he had very serious, life threatening, complications which required 6 surgeries in 6 weeks. He then went on to have several more surgeries that year. In June of 2013, he started in-center hemo dialysis. It was more than his body could take and he was constantly sick. He fought to keep working. He worked while on dialysis for 2 years. The end of July 2013, we started training to do home hemo-dialysis, which is similar to in-center hemo, but easier on the human body. It is done 6 days a week, which is more like a normal kidney function, than the 3 days a week they do in-center.

He is still on home hemo-dialysis, but is no longer working. He can do about 2 hours of activity a day (with breaks) before needing to sleep for hours. It then takes us about 6 – 7 hours each night, 6 nights a week to prep his machine, do his treatment, and clean up. His mind and body disagree on what is possible. He tries, he tries so hard. He doesn’t want sympathy or pity, neither of us do. He wants to work hard and fight for his family and our well being. He is an amazing man.

He also suffers from other health issues… keratoconus, swollen optic nerves, peripheral neuropathy and other smaller issues.

With each new struggle and diagnosis, our dreams for the future changed. We refuse to just give up, so we adjust and continue to dream big. Right now the dream we are fighting for is a small cabin in the woods. Nothing big or impressive. Nothing designer or fancy. We don’t even want cabinets or central air or any “extras”. We just want a safe place to live. A place to take care of each other and our family. A place where we know we can be together for whatever time God allows us.

We have no life insurance, no retirement, no savings, and I have been Hubby’s and my children’s caregiver for so long now, that I have no experience to get a job (I also have no medical coverage). We want to know that if something happens to Hubby, that I can take care of myself and our family (our younger daughter has special needs). Having a small cabin, with minimal expenses, so I can get a job to cover what bills I have would give us both a sense of peace.

We have a beautiful piece of land. It is heaven on earth. We feel so different just being there. It feels like home! We are so blessed!

The land came with a very sweet little cabin already there. It had big beautiful windows in the kitchen, I think that was my favorite part. We had hoped to save the house and fix it up and live there (and then build a small log cabin elsewhere on the land over time). We had a certified mold expert and two contractors come in to see what could be done. After the mold inspection it was pretty clear the house couldn’t be saved. Mold was found in every single room. But just to be sure, we got the second opinion and he confirmed what we already feared and he was hired to tear the house down. I cried. I cried for days. I still occasionally cry now.

I’m scared. I have no idea how we are going to pay for what we need to build a small cabin. I have no idea how we are going to physically do it ourselves. I’m scared and I cry and this isn’t easy. I’m scared of losing my Hubby, my best friend, the man of my dreams. I’m not sure my heart will survive losing him.


God is amazing. He has gotten us this far. Further than I ever dreamed was possible. We have an amazing piece of earth to build on. We live in a beautiful small town.

We will figure this out. We will find a way. Even if it takes everything we have… physically, emotionally, and financially… we will do this. We have a big dream and hearts big enough to fight for it.

This little blog will document our journey. Thank you for reading this far, it means a lot!

We could use all the prayers people are willing to offer for us, as we try to do the impossible! Thank you!

Added 4/27/2017 – the above is all still true, except for the dream changing from a log cabin, which was our hope, dream, and plan to build to a 1983 mobile home. It still will take everything we have to make it livable (can’t get an occupancy certificate in the condition it is in), but having it on the land is just another step closer!