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Wow, it’s been a while!

Wow, it’s been a while!

I think I was overwhelmed with everything we were trying to get done, plus doing the blog, so most of my updates ended up on instagram (which I no longer update at this point). We moved into our cabin on April 16th of this year! We are finally home! It has been a rocky road since moving in, with almost daily challenges, but every time I come home from a doctor’s office, the hospital (hubby had unexpected surgery earlier this year), running errands, etc, I always say out loud how truly thankful I am to finally be in our cabin!

We did it! After we got the occupancy approval we embraced, cried, laughed, smiled, felt so many emotions! But we did it!

End of 2017

End of 2017

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted an update.  I think it got to be too much to do it all and keep a blog going.  It’s now almost the end of 2017, so it’s a good time for an update.  The cabin isn’t done, but we are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!  As of yesterday, the subfloor is finally all replaced!  It took months and months, and Hubby fell through the floor twice, but it’s done!  I’m over the moon excited!

What we accomplished this year….

  • Put in piers for our cabin
  • Got the cabin moved over 30 miles to it’s final home
  • Completely gutted the cabin, down to the studs
  • Replaced damaged studs
  • Put on a new roof
  • Put in all new windows, 13 total I believe
  • Put in spray foam insulation
  • Had an electric pole installed and got electric to the cabin
  • Replaced the back door (front door will happen in 2018)
  • Did more than a dozen dump runs with all the demo materials
  • Got the water and septic all hooked up
  • Completely redid the entire bathroom
  • Replaced all the floor insulation
  • Put in all new subfloor
  • Repaired the underbelly
  • Put on new skirting
  • Had a new furnace installed
  • 2018 WILL be the year the cabin is done and we finally get to move in and I can’t wait!


    My favorite picture of our waterfall

    Picture after skirting was done, I cleaned up the outside, we did another dump run, and I created that cinder block design around our septic tank access so no one runs over it.

    Just a different angle

    This was after I cleaned up a lot of construction mess and got it all loaded in the trailer

    Little guy always wants to help!  Above he is helping carrying the pieces of skirting, below he is helping install it.  He loses interest quickly, but is always eager to help!


    Dump, supplies, and a very hot day!

    Dump, supplies, and a very hot day!

    Today we did, what we hope, is our last dump run until the cabin is completely finished and we are cleaning up the mess that’s left!  It is very hot (in the 90s) and humid today here, but we were able to get to the dump and get everything unloaded before we turned into puddles.  After the dump, we came home to make some calls (medical and about supplies for the cabin) and made the 45 minute drive to the lumber store.  We spent two hours picking out supplies we need for the next few days.  Kurt, the employee at the lumber yard, was great and helped Hubby hand select each piece of wood.  We stopped home briefly, so we could sit in the air conditioning for a minute (our vehicle doesn’t have working A/C) before we headed to the cabin to unload what we could and drop the trailer.  We got the color samples in the mail for the skirting and after placing all of them against the siding, we picked the last color we thought we would.  We are so thankful for color samples!


    It’s been a month!

    It’s been a month!

    This update is LONG overdue, sorry.  We have been working so hard the last month and dealing with highs and lows and struggles and challenges and triumphs and oral surgery for Hubby and blogging just wasn’t on the top of my list.  Our major accomplishments are the new roof and the new windows!

    The roof arrived short, by 13 feet! and they overcharged us AND the delivery person said he couldn’t deliver it because of where we lived, but reluctantly came and then WE had to get it all out of the truck.  Did I mention that each piece weighed over 200 pounds and that I was having a horrible pain day and Hubby was struggling and the driver wouldn’t help at all!  I didn’t want to blog at the time because my emotions were raw and I didn’t want to say something I would regret about the companies we dealt with, so I won’t mention names, but personally we won’t order anything from them again.  (I think my emotions spilled out anyway, it’s just been a very hard journey!)

    The experience does have positives!  Some very wonderful family and friends came out to help get the roof up, it was amazing!  We are truly blessed!  And we are happy with the end result, considering not a single person on the roof had any roofing experience 🙂

    The windows have taken a few weeks and we still have two more to go, but slowly we are getting there.  We are super blessed to have a friend helping us.  We are almost done the demoing part.  We just have to knock out and replace a few more rotting studs, finish tearing down the ceiling, and rip up the subfloor and then it should all be rebuilding.  It has taken us months longer than we ever thought it would.  Hubby struggles a lot, so our friend and I pick up as much of the work as we can, while Hubby supervises.  It’s really hard on him, he doesn’t like to seem weak.  We don’t see him that way, we know he is giving it his all and his body just doesn’t want to cooperate, but I think it’s hard on men, especially when they can’t do the providing and taking care of their family the way they want to.

    Here are a few snap shoots of the last month!

    Insulation for the roof

    Working on the roof

    That gap is from the missing roofing

    Roof in progress

    It’s done!

    Close up of the window before

    All but 2 windows are in!

    Working on staining and sealing the window trim.  I only did one window worth, we will have to save up and do the rest as time and money allows.

    Propane tank delivered!  Those are the backs of my Teenager’s and Preschooler’s heads.

    There is a lot of “behind the scenes” work that really doesn’t show until a lot of it has been done.  I’ve been cleaning and vacuuming.  I took apart the fireplace screw by screw, which took hours, but it was too heavy for me to get out any other way.  I finished removing the last of the carpet today!  Hubby and the kids stayed home because he wasn’t feeling well at all.


    Delivery, Chimney removal, and Dump run

    Delivery, Chimney removal, and Dump run

    Tuesday was my 40th birthday, so we spent the day together as a family.  We drove through a local state forest and got to see the state tree, animal, flower, and bird!  Even though we didn’t do any actual work on the cabin, we got an important delivery…the spray foam insulation.  So far the experience hasn’t been a good one with the company :/

    Wednesday we worked in the morning on removing the chimney, patching the roof, burning more boxes (they are officially all gone from the land!), and cleaning up the ceiling from Little Man’s room.  We stayed home in the afternoon, we were both pretty exhausted.

    Today we went to the dump to clean out the trailer because we need it tomorrow for the roof delivery!  I’m not sure if I’m sick or just worn out, but after just emptying to the trailer I spent the rest of the morning and much of the afternoon in bed.  Hubby came and took a nap with me.  I’m still feeling very weak and tired, hoping this passes soon because I’m never getting the cabin done at this rate.

    Tomorrow the roof is being delivered!  It’s coming on a semi-truck and it can’t fit down the driveway, so our plan is to have them put it in the trailer at the top of the driveway and then we drive it down from there.  If we have to put it in the trailer or carry it down, this may not end well.  Each roof piece weighs well over 200 pounds.

    Hubby worked on removing and patching the chimney hole.

    Hello there!  I worked on keeping the burn barrel fed, passing tools and supplies to Hubby, cleaning up Little Man’s room, and getting the foam insulation from the truck to the cabin.

    The roof had a pretty bad rust spot that went completely through to the insulation under the chimney.  This was a huge source of the water issues inside.

    Got all the ceiling out of Little Man’s room, need to pull up the carpet next.

    Hubby’s patch job!  The new roofing will go over this, so no one will know it doesn’t match 🙂

    No more chimney!

    This morning’s dump run after we threw some thing from the yard in (the guard rail from around the stream that had to be removed to get the house down our driveway)




    Cleaning up, removing the fireplace, and ripping out ceilings

    Cleaning up, removing the fireplace, and ripping out ceilings

    Friday was “spend spend spend” day :/  I wasn’t doing well on Friday, so Hubby, even though he wasn’t doing well either (horrible tooth problem, needs surgery) ran errands.  He spent some time in the morning on the phone, finishing up the roof order and trying desperately to find a dentist.  He left to make the almost hour trip to the home improvement store about mid-morning.  He picked out windows and ordered those.  Picked up some other supplies we needed there and headed towards home.  He stopped by a pharmacy to get something for his tooth and ended up at an emergency dental office where they gave him antibiotics and pain medicine scripts and said he needed an oral surgeon :/  He is still really suffering and we are still hunting for an oral surgeon :/  He then went to a box store to get some more things on the list and pick up his meds which took 40 mins to fill.  Then he continued towards home and stopped at a different, smaller home improvement store for two things he forgot at the other store.  Four credit cards later, in a lot of pain, he stumbled and I do literally mean stumbled into the house.  It really was way too much for him for one day.  I got him hooked up to dialysis and he rested.

    Saturday we worked at the cabin.  Both still recovering from the day before, we moved slowly.  I worked on cleaning up the mess outside (remember ALL those boxes!).  I burned boxes and got all the trash (mostly insulation) into the trailer.  Hubby worked inside uninstalling the fireplace so he could look at what would need to be done before putting the new roof on.  I wanted this mobile home, in particular, because it had a fireplace.  It was really heartbreaking to remove it, but in the end it is a good decision.  The floor is rotting away and the leaking from the roof is crazy!

    Sunday we went to church and spent the day recovering.  Hubby really struggles with the heat.

    Today we got up early and headed out before it warmed up too much and emptied the trailer at the dump.  We headed back to the cabin and I worked inside removing the remaining walls and insulation while Hubby worked outside.  Sadly, the weather today really effected Hubby (it was record heat and humidity today! 90 degrees I think is what Hubby said)and he started to feel really weak and sick.  I got him in his hammock with water and he rested there while I kept working.  I was able to get most of the ceiling down in Little Man’s (aka toddler) room and the living room.  We are hoping to save as much of the ceiling insulation as possible.

    Clean up from Saturday

    Hubby moving the fireplace (it is surprisingly light).  Floor underneath fireplace and chimney outside.

    Oops!  Hubby cracked a window.  Good thing these aren’t the new ones!

    Another dump run (this was the cheapest so far and we are thankful for that!  It’s by weight and most of this load was insulation)

    Where I started working today.  I always forget to get a picture before I start filling the trailer!

    The Teenager discovered toadpoles today!  That’s a LOT of future Toads swimming in there!

    Bathroom has been demoed


    We can now see from one end of the house, completely to the other.  It looks awful and I’m praying we can get it all put back together!

    Working on Little Man’s ceiling

    Hubby resting in his Hammock, while Teenager swings Little Man in hers

    Living room ceiling

    Tomorrow is my birthday, so we are planning just to have a nice day with the kids, without demoing!

    Slower updates

    Slower updates

    Sorry about the less frequent updates.  I’m exhausted and sitting at the computer for an hour or two to resize and upload pictures takes a lot out of me.  Lately, I have been especially tired and in a great deal of pain, I’ll survive, but it’s making everything tougher.  I will do my best to keep the blog updated!

    Since my last update we have gone to the dump to unload the trailer, continued gutting the cabin, decided on a roofing option, and turned the power on inside!  There are a lot of things we do that I don’t take pictures of, like Hubby putting wire nuts on all the wires floating around before he officially turned out power on for the first time!

    The full trailer and the place much too beautiful to be a dump, but sadly it is.

    And this ladies and gentlemen is why particle board should never ever be used as flooring in mobile homes.  Mobile homes tend to leak easily around windows and vents.  This is damage that was there when we purchased the home and we knew we would have to fix.  Did you know when particle board gets wet and dries, it turns into sawdust?  Hubby knew and showed me (video coming soon!)  We didn’t know the full extent until I decided to pull up the carpet and check it out.  Hubby examined the area to see what supplies he is going to need to fix all the rotting.  We are replacing all the particle board with plywood.

    I am so very proud of Hubby.  He didn’t want to go up on the roof, at all, ever.  Today he went up there to measure the vents for our new roof.  Go Hubby!  The toddler was very upset that he couldn’t be up on the roof too!

    Where I started today, in the kitchen nook that will be our bedroom.  I always forget to take a picture of the trailer empty, so this is just after I started working on demoing today.

    Walls down, then time to take out the insulation.  Then time to pull up the carpet.


    Just like I’m convinced that cabinets were never, ever meant to be taken out, I think tack strips are put in to stay forever!

    Got all the tack strips out, it was war and I won!  Then pulled up the padding and flooring that was underneath.

    I started working again on the bathroom, but quickly the pain was too much, so when Hubby arrived in the afternoon, he pulled the tub out for me.  We originally were going to leave the tub, but sadly the mold damage on the surrounding walls made it necessary.  I was hoping to save the tub, but sadly it cracked when Hubby took it out.


    Challenges, demo, and a full trailer

    Challenges, demo, and a full trailer

    Yesterday didn’t go as planned, not even close.  But life goes on, so we won’t dwell on that.

    Today, we continued working on demoing.  We made pretty good progress!  The kitchen walls are all gone, the bathroom saw some demoing, and the nook that will one day be a bedroom is empty so we can finish demoing those walls.  The bathroom, like the kitchen, wasn’t suppose to be completely demoed, but sadly, like the kitchen, we found mold and now the entire room will be demoed.  By the time we are done demoing the cabin, it will just be a shell, an expensive shell 🙂

    The trailer is no full and ready for another run to the dump.  I was really hoping to get the ceiling and carpet out before needing to go to the dump again, oh well.

    Pantry and remaining kitchen cabinet above fridge

    Teenager snapped a picture of me working today.  (You can see off to the right the mess that had to be cleaned out of the nook today.  I sat for a while and took all the hardware off all the cabinet doors and drawers!)

    Cabinet and wall gone where fridge goes.  Demoed the pantry (it will be rebuilt!)  Hubby found wasp nests behind that insulation.

    Got everything out of the nook, so we can finish demoing that area.  (Don’t ya just love the sled that my step mother gave us?!?!?!?!)  And thank you to, two awesome young men who helped carry all those heavy rubbermaid boxes out for me!!!!

    Where we started today on the bathroom

    After demoing


    Ew, mold!

    Full trailer

    Plants, demo, and a tetanus shot

    Plants, demo, and a tetanus shot

    It wouldn’t be a holiday weekend without a tetanus shot…. hum, that doesn’t seem right…. oh well, I need a tetanus shot and it’s a holiday, so can’t get one until tomorrow.  At the moment I can’t remember all we have done since the last update, so I’ll just share what I can remember…. today.  Today we went over bright and early and started working on the kitchen and the final section of the living room demo and the closet in the bedroom.  Hubby was with me today… yay!  He is feeling really sick and struggling, so he probably pushed himself too hard, but it was so nice having him there with me.

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again, kitchen cabinets were NEVER meant to be taken out, ever.  We originally weren’t going to take out the kitchen, because kitchens aren’t cheap and we are out of money :/  But finding the damage and bugs and mold I found, I’m really glad it’s gone!  Almost done demoing that room.  Hubby removed the surround around the living room window and pulled out the remaining section of wall and insulation that was around the window.  Then he finished removing the bedroom closet for me.  It was a long day!

    We always have a fire going in the burn barrel to burn what we can… wood, paper, and cardboard boxes mostly.  Today, as I went to put a piece of wood in, I hit myself pretty hard in the leg, creating a puncture with a rusty nail.  Oops.  Didn’t know the nail was there, but after the injury, I looked at the wood and of course, the nail is rusty, very rusty, so I have “won” myself a trip to Walgreens for a tetanus shot.

    We also, at some point this weekend, got another load of mushroom soil and got some herbs and plants set up in boxes.  We are going an unconventional way for now, but it works.  We are using rubbermaid boxes with holes drilled in the bottom.  I’m spray painting the outside and then at some point Teenager and I will hand paint them.  So they should be pretty nice when we are done.

    Start to the kitchen today

    I found black mold, bugs, and a mess behind the walls :/


    That view <3

    Lots of nests

    This ONE corner was built the way I think the entire home should have been.  The wood keeps the bugs out from the cracks in the top and bottom of the exterior!  Why isn’t there sheets of wood around the entire house??????

    Just need to vacuum out between the studs and replace the rotten studs

    Started to remove the pantry

    Start of the bedroom closet

    Hubby got the framing down

    Hubby got the insulation exposed, so we will continue working on that next time

    Some days just don’t go as planned

    Some days just don’t go as planned

    Several emotional and actual issues cropped up today, so we didn’t get as much done at the cabin as we had planned.  Hubby was able to disconnect the plumbing for the bathroom sink and the kitchen sink, so that allowed me to continue taking apart those spaces.

    My wonderful Hubby disconnecting the plumbing!

    I continued taking apart the kitchen.  The tools I’ve been using, I didn’t even plan this picture, it just worked out!  I try to unscrew everything first, then pry it, and then when nothing else works, I take a hammer to it!  And yes, I do try to wear protective eye gear!

    The appliances are old, possibly the original ones from 1983, but it isn’t in the budget to get new ones, so they will have to stay for now.

    There is a lot of water damage from where the vent connects to the outside.

    These cabinets are screwed, glued, nailed and “whatever this is” together!  They REALLY don’t want you taking apart kitchens!

    Our water levels are finally low enough that the land isn’t covered in water!  This is our spring house, with an over flow pipe coming out.  There should be a grate covering this area, but it fell in and needs to be repaired.  How cool is it that we have our own mountain spring water!